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International Projects

Jaipur, India

Garrett Hurley, CPO (ProsthetiKa) Provides Help

In April 2008, prosthetist Garrett Hurley represented ProsthetiKa in visiting Jaipur to evaluate the Jaipur foot technology and to assess its appropriateness for other ProsthetiKa projects. He was invited to observe the fitting techniques and to make recommendations as to how the sockets could be made more comfortable and functional.

In Garrett’s report to the Jaipur Foot Prosthetics Center, he began, “I would like to start by saying that the work that is being done here is great work. The international field of Prosthetics and Orthotics can learn a lot from your approach of making high-quality artificial limbs and braces in very high numbers to a poor population that needs them”.

Garrett went on to propose that the techniques used in Jaipur used as a model for training prosthetists who wish to fit amputees in developing counties with similar needs.

As far as specific technical suggestions, Garrett had many ideas related to the design of the foot to provide more stability. He also suggested that they investigate a more skin-friendly socket liner to improve comfort. The liner Garrett suggested would utilize a fabrication technique now used by ProsthetiKa prosthetists in the U.S., but we would adapt the system to use materials which are readily available in India.

If Jaipur responds enthusiastically to this recommendation, ProsthetiKa is prepared to assist them in developing the technology.

Garrett concluded that ProsthetiKa’s project in Jaipur was an excellent example of mutual respect and “true exchange of information.”