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International Projects


PROJIMO is a community-based rehabilitation and education project run by and for disabled people located in the rural region of Sinaloa, Mexico. Its primary objective is to work with disabled persons and their families to increase their abilities and opportunities as well as help raise the consciousness of non-disabled persons and school children to include disabled people in the life of the community, and to “look at their strengths, not their weaknesses.”

There is an established prosthetics workshop in the community of PROJIMO. Some of the disabled residents have been trained to custom-make and fit artificial limbs, orthopedic braces, and wheelchairs for the local amputees and orthopedically handicapped individuals. They utilize a combination of locally available materials and donated surplus or used components.

They have achieved remarkable results. Still, there are complicated cases which are beyond the training which the local technicians have received to date.

ProsthetiKa has sent teams annually for many years to PROJIMO to work side by side with the local prosthetists. We fabricate and fit prostheses for amputees whom they were not previously able to help.