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International Projects


Prosthetika sent teams of experts to Ukraine in  2015, 2016, and 2017 to fit prosthetic limbs to soldiers who lost their arms and legs fighting in the war with the pro-Russian separatists.  The experts included prosthetists, occupational therapists and physical therapists from the US, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain and Ukraine.

The goal of the projects was not only to do the fittings but to work hand in hand with local prosthetists and therapists to assure that the work we do and the training we provide will continue long after we leave.

Projects included fitting of essential prosthetic devices and well as advanced technology.  One project addresses explicitly making and providing sports prosthesis for all the various athletic activities.  That project included adaptive athletic training in running, cross fit activities and general conditioning exercises. Plans involve assuring proper follow-up on the work we did on this project, doing future projects to train more people and fit more amputees, and to help Ukraine develop an overall plan for rehabilitation of the amputees.