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International Projects


ProsthetiKa had the opportunity to provide training and assistance to the disabled people of Guyana, working with  Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Center, the only prosthetics and orthotics center in the country.  The center employs a dedicated staff of physiotherapists,  and prosthetic and orthopedic technicians.  The challenge is the absence of any schools in Guyana for technical training in these fields.  And this is where ProsthetiKa was able to help.

We sent a team consisting of a prosthetist, an Orthotist, a physiotherapist, and a patient peer support advocate (himself an amputee) to team up with local staff and work hand-in-hand to fit people with prosthetic arms and legs and orthopedic braces. There is no better training than hands-on work with students and mentors working together. And there is no better assistance to the disabled people in a developing country than to build local capacity through training.

The project exceeded all expectations and plans were immediately made for follow up with more intensive training and fittings of the most challenging levels of need.