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The Team

Eleazar Castellanos Rodriguez

Advisory Board Member

Eleazar is a role model and a hero to the disabled people of Mexico. As the second of five children, Eleazar was a well motivated and excellent student, who always worked to help support his family. At age 17 he was electrocuted by a 13,800-volt shock working at his job. Though he miraculously survived the accident, he lost his right arm, his left leg, and his right foot due to the electrical burns.

After one year of recuperation, Eleazar was determined to resume his life where he left off. He returned to school and earned a degree in public accounting. He is now successfully employed by Nacional de Acero, a large steel manufacturer in Monclova. Additionally, he has dedicated himself to helping improve the lives of other disabled people. Under the administration of the Mayor of Monclova, Eleazar founded and directs the office of disability affairs. He has made historic strides in employment, accessibility, and equal rights for the disabled of Mexico.

Eleazar has joined efforts with ProsthetiKa to develop a capability for serving amputees in Coahuila. Previously, there was no prosthetic facility in Coahuila. Following the initial joint training workshop held in 2008, a Mexican non-profit was formed to develop educational and clinical prosthetic services in Monclova. Eleazar’s organizational skills, enthusiasm, and affability have contributed to the overwhelming success of our joint efforts.